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Useful Sites
Accommodation Search Engine Network
By going to this website you will be able to find all the information you require to be able to book your accommodation online for anywhere in the world from a choice of over 120,000 forms of accommodation including b&b's, hotels, motels and holiday rentals.
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Visitus Travel
If you are planning on going away and you need somewhere to stay the Visitus website can help you out. With thousands of accommodation providers on their site, whether you need a bed and breakfast for a night or two or you want to stay in a hotel you can easily find some accommodation to suit your needs and your budget. Make use of their search facility to find the accommodation of your choice.
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Trip Advisor
If you need to book some accommodation for a holiday or a trip you need to go on and you are travelling to somewhere you may not have been before so are not familiar with the hotels or their services, go to the Trip Advisor website where you will be able to read independent reviews on hotels, flights and vacation rentals which could help you decide on your accommodation.
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Premier Inn
Premier Inn have over 500 hotels situated all around the UK and they provide affordable accommodation for anyone needing a hotel room for business trips or anyone just wanting to take a break. Check out their website for details and book yourself a room in one of their quality hotels.
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Student Accommodation
This website is ideal for any student that is planning on travelling anywhere within the UK and will be in need of accommodation to stay in whilst at their destination. Search through B&Bs, hostels, campsites, self catering and even homestays.
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Travel Accommodation UK
If you are planning on taking a weekend break anywhere in the UK then take a look at the Travel Accommodation UK website where you will find tons of information about places of interest like national parks, railways, castles, gardens and more. Then if you find an attraction that you would like to visit you can find details about hotels within the area where you could stay.
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Bed And Breakfasts
At this website you can search for bed and breakfasts, cheap hotels and guest house accommodation throughout the UK and some other countries around thw world including USA, Canada, Australia, Spain and more. Visit the website now to find the accommodation you have been looking for.
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Accommodation For Students
This website is specifically for UK students and here they will be able to find whichever type of accommodation they prefer including student houses, halls of residence and student flats anywhere within the UK. Just visit the site and either search for the area you want or click on the actual town or city in the quick links at the bottom of the page to find what you are looking for.
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Visit Britain
No matter what kind of accommodation you may be looking for you will certainly find the information you need at this website right here. They have everything from budget accommodation to luxury hotels and more. You will be able to find a form of accommodation that suits your budget and be able to book it online.
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Travel Mate Australia
If Australia is your destination of choice when choosing somewhere for your vacation then a good place to start looking for your accommodation would be this website right here. On this site you will find all the accommodation possibilities as well as being able to use their Map Maker which will provide you with maps and driving directions for your trip.

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Total Travel Australia
Check out Yahoo's Total Travel website when looking for accommodation in Australia. With over 27,000 accommodation listings in over 2000 destinations you are sure to find the right accommodation for you no matter where in Australia you wish to visit.
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Accommodation Direct
If you are searching for accommodation anywhere around the world then make this your first stop. They have a very easy to use search facility where you simply enter the town or city or country you are looking to stay in and you will be presented with a list of websites offering accommodation in your chosen location.
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